What’s In a Name?

Martini Racing, that’s the name I should use, since so far most of the big decisions I’ve made about this year’s season of racing have been, uh, lets say inspired by, motivated by, blamed on, the consumption of at least one, or more, of the simple but to the point adult beverages (lemon flavored, please). So, it is with that excuse that I announce the name of our team for 2018: Wirrick Racing! Martini Racing was taken. Creative, eh? It was suggested that since it’s my car and my team, it should have my name. Kind of liked that. It was also suggested that naming it as I have is a bit egotistical, simple minded, and self-centered. (No, no, tell me what you really think) So be it. Racing is all of those things. Look at me, look at me! Go round and round faster than everyone else (if you can), and who’s driving this thing, anyway? Me! Right. Guilty on all counts.

I thought about some funny names, some descriptive names, and some meaningless names. Too often, though, such names, like so many personalized license plates, leave casual observers wondering what the hell the owner is trying to say. Don’t want that! In the end, it seemed simpler to just use my last name. Soon forest green Polo shirts will show up on my door step emblazoned with Wirrick Racing, upper left corner. Let’s hope the green matches the color of the car and that the team, proudly attired in matching wear, unites in one cohesive, kick-ass group of friends hell bent on making me, me, me, look good. Team shirts; a first for me that should add to the fun. Well, for me, anyway.

Next rambling will be about the car. Enough of this trivial stuff. Let’s talk race cars and racing!

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